Original creation and preservation of ancient musical traditions

A musical journey in the land of milk and honey


Music that presents culture, music that presents a nation, music that is a story of the yearning Jewish soul,
music that has a flavor, a color and a strong connection to this ancient land, to the roots from which we grew. 

Music that is a dialogue with our inner self and with the outside world.

12Tribes Music is a project of creating, exposing, producing and distributing musical content to the online space.
An initiative of Music Port, NPO of independent musicians who wish to present their artistic work directly and independently. 

The music materials focus mainly on Hebrew, original music and the preservation of ancient musical traditions.


To enjoy  in public the musical treasures of Israeli culture.
Share with wide audiences and listeners the beauty that takes place here.
Create fruitful collaborations and dialogue with creators and artists from around the world.
Bring to music lovers the flavors and aromas that are beyond the mainstream mountains.

Reveal authentic, original and independent Israeli based artists.

Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew, secular, religious, traditional, original and contemporary music.
Music performed by women, men, choirs, orchestras, individual independent musicians.
Music with Middle Eastern, European, classical, Chassidic, Spanish characteristics, music that is a colorful and fascinating mosaic of a people and a nation.
The abundance of musical activity in Israel invites and expands the heart. We invite you to enjoy with us.